Mixed Reality Lab


I have been busy getting ready for the XR revolution coming up soon, Meta has finally launched the long-awaited Quest Pro and many other compagnies will follow soon. Can’t wait to get my hands on these devices and keep building mixed reality apps… Also keeping an eye on the Vive XR Elite, Lynx R1, ThinkReality VRX and maybe even Apple someday !

Tools: Blender for 3D models, Ipisoft Mocap Studio with Xbox Kinect 360 cameras for Motion Capture, Metahuman Creator, Meta Unreal integration for the Passtrough API, Unreal Engine 4.27 for the experience.

Video Preview https://youtu.be/40TxkwLHhAc

Virtual Production Lab


I made a short film demo with UE5 using virtual production workflow in the engine.

  • Components and techniques used in UE5
  • Composition with Height Map, Terrain, Geometry, Water system
  • Quixel Megascan, Blend Material and Terrain Layered Material
  • Sequence Object Moves, Cameras, Sound, Camera Shake
  • Rail Cam, Crane Cam, Shot Sequence and Virtual Prod Cam
  • Custom Niagara System
  • Chaos System
  • Sequence With FX and Chaos
  • Emitter Trigger in Sequence

Tools:  Some quick modeling in Blender for the spaceship. Unreal Engine 5 for the experience.

Virtual production making of https://youtu.be/k2ggYIBzQWc

Motion Capture Lab


Here is a making of a 3-part tutorial I made to show people how to do a quality cost effective motion capture with Blender, Unreal Engine and Metahumans


  • Two Kinect 360 cameras for motion capture
  • IPI Mocap Studio
  • Insta360 Evo for filming

Mocap Tutorial Preview : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EbOMAffBRk

360° Animation Lab


This is a looping plane scene I made in Blender. I created models, lighting, animations, VR cameras and tested rendering in 360 stereo with both Eevee (6XCam setup) and Cycles (Panoramic equirectangular). Once rendering was completed, I created a stereo 360° animation video that I posted on youtube. Eventualy I will create an interactive 360° experience with ambisonic sound where the viewer will be able to change perspective on demand.

Tools: Blender for modeling and rendering with cycles, Reaper for sound design, Davinci Resolve Studio for 6K stereo 360 video editing and rendering.

Plane animation making Of: https://youtu.be/R72FL1ROasc


This is a cinematic sequence of a virtual gallery I made in Unreal to show a photographer’s portfolio from a new perspective.

Tools: Unreal Engine used for building the experience and rendering the video, Affinity Photo for original photo edition. Models imported from an asset pack.

VR Experience Preview: https://youtu.be/cyO_ByC7JTU

Wendat Museum Stereo VR180 Tour


Here is a relaxing montage of a walk at the Huron-Wendat Museum in Quebec City near the Saint-Charles river. This is a VR180 stereo video montage made with an Insta360 Evo camera.

Tools: Insta360 Evo Camera, Davinci Resolve for the high resolution 6K VR180 Stereo Montage (preview on youtube is lower resolution).

VR180 Stereo Video Preview https://youtu.be/qdXLxax3w1E
(best viewed with a VR headset)

VReal Golf


This is an early prototype of a VR golf game I designed. This is made in Unreal Engine with very basic 3D models made in Blender. The early prototype uses blueprint for basic interactions, simple material textures and lighting in the scene. All settings are fine tuned for performance on the Oculus Quest 2 and the beta 0.1 version was successfully built as a standalone app.

Tools: Blender for 3D models, Unreal Engine for the experience.

VR prototype making of : https://youtu.be/M34gi9QE6OE

Deja Dojo


This is a VR experience of a small world Dojo I am developing. This was made in Unity with the universal render pipeline (URP). All settings are fine tuned for performance on the Oculus Quest and I also have taken advantage of both real-time and baked lighting as well as lighting probes. 

Tools: Blender for 3D models, Gravity Sketch in VR for the world, Quixel Mixer for textures, Unity 2020 with URP for the experience.

VR Experience preview: https://youtu.be/7aFw2iTYioM